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Your complete guide to

the 2024 Super Bowl

Lets's Go

It’s been a huge year for football, whether you are an avid sports fan, or someone who started to just ‘sort of care’ because of that pop star who dates that guy on the Chiefs. Millions will be tuning in on Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is everything you need to know about the event, the teams, and the stadium it will be held in.

When is the Super Bowl 58?

The game is scheduled to be played on Sunday, February 11, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. EST.

Where is the 2024 Super Bowl being played?

It’s been announced to great fanfare that the championship game for the NFL will take place in the Allegiant stadium, located in Paradise, Nevada. The 1.8 million square foot stadium that sits beside the world famous Las Vegas strip, is home to the Las Vegas Raiders and the UNLV Rebels, the football team of the University of Nevada.

But besides being the venue for the season’s most important game, the Allegiant Stadium also happens to be an engineering marvel. Designed by the same great minds behind Wembley Stadium and the O2 Arena, and built using 28,000 tons of steel, it was opened in 2020 after just 40 months of construction, making it the fastest designed and built football stadium of its size. With a price tag of $1.9 billion that quickly raised eyebrows, just a quick look at some of the features will quickly justify this cost.

The stadium is, for starters, the largest entertainment venue in Las Vegas with 10 different event spaces and 100 suite options. At the same time, it is also seen as a great investment for residents of Las Vegas, with a capacity of 65,000 people and an extra capacity of 7000 more seats for large events. It is expected to make $620 million annually in revenue and generate 6000 permanent jobs in the area. The stadium also boasts 2,300 televisions and 75,000 square feet of video boards. All in all, this makes it a perfect space to witness this ultimate championship showdown come to life.

What teams are playing in the Super Bowl 2024?

After 18 incredible weeks followed by a thrilling postseason, the 49ers and defending champions the Chiefs will vie to win pro football’s biggest prize, with millions across the world watching. This is the second time the teams will meet in the Super Bowl in the last 5 years. A lot is on the line for both teams.

Kansas City Chiefs

After grasping the win at Super Bowl 57 last year, the Chiefs might be able to accomplish winning back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time since the Patriots did it nearly 2 decades ago in 2003-2004. Along with the victory, several personal achievements for individual players come into play. Notably, Coach Andy Reid prepares for his fifth Super Bowl whilst Patrick Mahomes is hopeful to become the youngest quarterback to start his fourth Super Bowl and is just the fifth starting quarterback in history to secure three Super Bowl victories.

It’s no surprise that Travis Kelce loomed large in both of the Chief’s playoff games. The tight end had two touchdowns in Buffalo and caught all 11 of his targets for 116 yards and a score in Baltimore. Both Kelce and Patrick Mahomes played great, but the pair got help from stars on the team, including running back Isiah Pacheco and wideouts Rashee Rice and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The Chiefs defense, which finished second in points allowed during the regular season, has also played a massive role in Kansas City's Super Bowl berth.

San Francisco 49ers

While the Chiefs are coming in on a high, it's fair to say that the 49ers have been the NFL's best team since Week 1. San Francisco sewed up the NFC's No. 1 seed after finishing third in the league in both points scored and fewest points allowed during the regular season.

In the playoffs, the 49res came back from behind to defeat both the Packers and Lions with Christian McCaffrey playing a key role during both games. McCaffrey showcased his skills by running for 98 yards and scoring twice (while amassing 128 total yards) against the Packers and 90 yards, with two more touchdown runs (with 132 all-purpose yards) against the Lions.

San Francisco's defense played a vital role in both comebacks with several timely stops and forced turnovers. Notable mention goes to Tashaun Gipson and Arik Armstead's forced turnover of Lions' running back Jahmyr Gibbs that set up the 49ers' game-tying touchdown.

A win for the 49ers would see them joining the Steelers and Patriots with six Vince Lombardi Trophies. Kyle Shanahan can further make history by following in his father's footsteps as a Super Bowl-winning head coach. It’s been 29 seasons since the 49ers last won a championship, so young quarterback Brock Purdy sure has the weight of San Francisco on his shoulders.

How many people watch the Super Bowl every year?

For many fans, the Super Bowl is the most important event of the year. Thousands of people will be flocking to the Strip on the days leading to Sunday to either watch the excitement from local bars, or if they are lucky enough to bag a seat, watch the action live from inside the stadium.

But you don’t have to be there in person. Fans around the world tune in to watch, with an estimated 115 million viewers in 2023 alone, making it not only the most watched Super Bowl in history, but also the most popular TV program of all time in the U.S.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder companies pour their money into those 30 second commercials. How much, I hear you ask? In 2022, a 30-second slot cost an eye-watering $6.5m, a $1m increase from the year before. In November 2023, the Hollywood reporter reported that the network had sold out of all its Super Bowl 2024 slots, charging $7m per 30-second ad.

This month, brands have dropped teasers showcasing their endorsements with celebrities such as The Beckhams, Kris Jenner, Kate McKinnon, Jenna Ortega, Chris Pratt and many more. If that doesn’t make you want to buy their products, I don’t know what else will.

Who is performing at the Super Bowl 2024 halftime show?

The Super Bowl is never just about the game. Each year, fans eagerly await the announcement of which international superstar will be taking the stage to entertain the masses. This, together with the infamous commercials, attracts its own fan base and is an honor for any artist, with months of rehearsals and millions of dollars spent on the annual spectacle that has many non-sports fans tuning into the big game. And who else is better up to the task than Grammy winning performer Usher?

“It’s an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list. I can’t wait to bring the world a show unlike anything else they’ve seen from me before,” the singer recently said in a statement.

Country Music Hall Famer Reba McEntire, who has recently been going viral on social media platform TikTok with fans mimicking her country song ‘I’m a survivor’ (look it up, it’s actually quite amusing), will also be taking the mic to sing the National Anthem.

Post Malone will also join the line-up during the pre-game festivities by singing his rendition of ‘America the Beautiful, part of a three-song run that has opened the game since 2021.

With a string of other musical guests expected to make an appearance throughout the night, this year’s performance is not one to miss.

Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl 2024?

It’s the question everyone is asking. Right? No? Well, we will tell you anyway.

Love her or hate her, Ms. Swift is single-handedly responsible for a phenomenal rise in ticket sales since her relationship with quarterback Travis Kelce went public. In the two weeks following her first appearance, Chiefs home games saw a 235% increase in daily average sales and tickets sold on the online platform. Her presence also led to a spike in the sales of Travis Kelce’s No. 87 jersey—a spike of 400%. Additionally, viewership also hit a new peak, with a 53% increase in female viewers aged 12 to 17, a 34% increase in female viewers above 35, and a 24% increase in female viewers aged 18 to 24, compared to the season-to-date average of Sunday Night Football.

But this is not the first time we have seen the ‘Swift’ effect. During the last presidential election, an Instagram post by Swift led to a record of more than 30,000 people signing up through Vote.org during National Voter Registration Day, many of them teens who were eligible to vote in that fall's election.

So, the big question is...will Taylor be at the Super Bowl? So far, she has been to 12 Chiefs games to cheer on her new beau. The Super Bowl would be her 13th; however, she will be performing in Japan just 24 hours before kickoff. Can she add Time Traveler to her numerous accolades? Eagle-eyed fans have calculated that despite the 12+ hour flight from Asia to North America, Swift has time zones on her side.

"Let me introduce you to something called the international date line," NFL Network's Ian Rapoport wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Jan. 28, breaking down the singer's travel logistics. "Let's say it's a five-hour concert, ends about 11 p.m. local, which is 6 a.m. Saturday in Las Vegas," Rapoport continued to explain on X. "Figure a 12-hour flight, maybe she leaves about an hour later, Taylor Swift could still get to the Super Bowl, to Vegas, about 7 or 8 p.m. Saturday night — just in time to party."

So, I think we can take that as a ‘Maybe’? Do we care? Also, a ‘Maybe’.

Who has the best odds to win the Super Bowl 58?

As betting begins, 49ers sit as favorites over the Chiefs after an impressive winning record this season. It’s worth mentioning that odds change over time, and we will definitely see some movement the closer we get to the date. Want to keep up to date? Luckily, BetBeast has you covered! Watch the game live on the move or with friends and family at home, whilst we give you live updates, top odds, and free bets to make this year’s Super Bowl one to remember! Check them out now here!

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