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Wazdan’s Mystery Box


Hold on to your seats folks! Wazdan is back as it unveils its biggest-ever Mystery Drop network promotion with a €5,000,000 prize pool! Play your favorite Wazdan slots and you could snag yourself the contents of one of the 100,000 Mystery boxes! And what's in the boxes? A ton of CASH!

Here’s how it works:

Head on over to BetBeast’s Slot page here & pick a Wazdan slot of your choice. There is no minimum bet, so go ahead and place any bet, & spin away! Apart from snagging a potential win from any spin, you can also trigger the Wazdan Mystery Boxes and be presented with 9 mystery boxes. Take your pick, and the contents are yours!

And the best part? The number of available prizes is updated instantly, and you can strike gold more than once, so keep spinning for the chance to win again and again (and again)!

Not sure what game to play?

This can be an opportunity to either get an additional thrill on the games that you know and love, or you can discover something brand new! Try out one of our favorite Wazdan slots, like Coins™, or something new like Burning Sun, Hot Slot 777 Crown or Magic Stars 3. Each game has straightforward and immersive gameplay, incredible graphics, and fresh sounds.

This isn’t just a fleeting promotion, the campaign runs between 29th April 2024 and 29th September 2024, so it’s more than enough time for you to find yourself a boxful of cash!

Want to find out more? Check out this promotion and many more here!

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